About Scan My Server

Welcome to ScanMyServer, a free security testing service for websites and blogs provided by Beyond Security. Here you can scan your website for security weaknesses such as cross site scripting, SQL injection and many other vulnerabilities.

Hackers can deface or take control of your site, erase or steal your data - if they can find a weakness. Test your site today with ScanMyServer and find any security vulnerabilities before they are discovered by the bad guys. It's simple to get your site tested and our comprehensive report will direct you to online resources where you can find out how to fix any security problems that might exist in your site or server.

Testing of your first site is free and the scan can be repeated weekly or monthly, if you wish, to help you keep up with new security issues. Do you need to test more than one site, or need PCI certification testing? No problem. Those services are availiable for a small fee.

ScanMyServer is powered by Beyond Security's vulnerability assessment solution AVDS. Beyond Security's automated security testing technologies are used around the world to discover and report security weaknesses in corporate networks, web applications and software. They help businesses and governments automate the assessment and management of their security status thus securing them against data loss and helping them to meet security policy requirements.

ScanMyServer.com provides website owners and administrators with easy access to the comprehensive web application testing function of AVDS (Automated Vulnerability Detection System). ScanMyServer tests the security of domains without interrupting visitors, installing any software or needing any password access.

Powered by Beyond Security

  • Get a detailed security report on your website and server
  • Test for malware, SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities
  • No password access is required
  • Nothing to download or install, no interruption of your visitors
"I am extremely impressed with your service which seems to have uncovered significant issues with the security of the server we rent space on."
- Tom Andrews